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Discover How To Transform Your Fitness Routine, Increase Organic Nutrition Through Clean Eating & Create A Virtual Wellness Community
30+ Experts Reveal How You Can Improve Your Health & Happiness, Increase Your Nutritional Intake And Develop A Beneficial Wellness Community
Dr. Shivani Gupta

Ayurveda: 5,000 Year Old Healing Art

Unmask the mystery of Ayurveda and see what our nationally known expert has to say about this ancient art of healing. Discover the many benefits and advantages of Ayurvedic practices.
Michele Bumbier

Herbal Healing: Creating Your Own Apothecary

Learn about the healing power of herbs, find out from our expert how to grow herbs and create your own family apothecary.
Catalina Ezcurra

The Power Of Proper Stretching

Our expert from Stretch Zone explains the many ways that a trained stretching professional can improve athletic performance, strength, agility and even longevity.
Adrian Falticeni M. Ed

Nutrition & Clean Eating

The importance of eating foods that maintain life force is explained by our expert. His research on the healing power of chlorophyll changed his life and led to his dedication to share the power of eating raw foods with the world.
Calvin Carlson

Martial Arts: Holistic Development Of Mind, Body & Spirit

Martial arts taught properly has massive benefits impacting the individual's life in every realm of existence, mind, body & spirit. Taught and practiced properly it can be an incredibly joyful and totally life-changing experience.
Michael Stasko

Holistic Transformation Through Yoga

Discover how you can get in touch with your inner self through yoga. Experience profound changes in your life, relationships, and worldview and learn how to be more at peace with yourself and others.
Juliana Posse

Clear Your Acne The Natural Way

Learn the factors that contribute to the development of acne, including genetics, diet, stress, hormone changes and infections. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions worldwide for men and women, and our expert shares the powerful approach that worked for her and will give you the results you desire.
Barbara Alfonzo

Essential Oils, Aromatherapy & Natural Healing

Everything you ever wanted to know about the exciting world of essential oils and aromatherapy. Find out what these natural products are made of, where to find the best and most trusted resources, and discover the various uses and benefits of using them daily.
Korin Sutton

Ultra Fitness Training For Men & Women

Learn how to transform your body from an Internationally known body building champion. Receive comprehensive knowledge about work-outs, days per week, diet, all the secrets of the super-fit super-sculpted body builders.
Jennifer Radnay

Natural Pregnancy & Childbirth

Explore the expected experiences associated with giving birth without an epidural. Come find out what natural childbirth is all about and determine if it is the right choice for you and your child. Uncover the truth about epidurals and understand the benefits of natural childbirth.
Dr. Robert Young

Living An Alkaline Lifestyle

Microbiologists have proven that a cancer cell cannot live in an alkaline environment. Our expert explains the alkaline lifestyle and the importance of the seven Doctors, like Dr. Sun, Dr. Water. Dr. Chlorophyll and more. It is not the germs or viruses it is the immune system that determines health and longevity.
Deana Clark

Anti Aging Secrets

Slip into this session that shares the knowledge of a lifetime expert on aging and beauty. Learn everything there is to know about the latest techniques and secrets of skin regeneration and beauty for life.
Zackary Moliver

Is EMS Body Building For You?

Electro Magnetic Stimulation is the new worldwide fitness craze. Find out if it is legitimate and if is true that EMS can provide more results in a shorter time frame than traditional training?
Dr. Stacy Mussleman

Early Detection Of Chronic Health Issues

Holistic health practitioners can use blood work to detect imbalances and weaknesses in the body and address them before they turn into serious illnesses like diabetes, heart issues, and more. Learn from our experts how this can avoid life-threatening diseases.
Dr. Steven Crane

Discovering The Benefits Of Holistic Dentistry

This interview will show you the profound impact holistic dentistry can have on you and your family. Holistic Dentists have a unique perspective, they are looking at the overall health of each patient. Whether you are concerned about tooth decay, mercury fillings, or a root canal, every procedure is designed to protect and strengthen the entire immune system.
Dr. Haasseem Mohammed

Transformative Chiropractic

Learn from our expert Doctor of Chiropractic medicine advanced modalities that create major improvements in posture, relieve pain and increase functionality for your entire lifetime.
Wendy Gittleman

Teaching Children The Meaning Of Wholeness

Learn secrets from an expert with a lifetime of experience helping children create a close relationship with nature. The result is a child who has a deep understanding of who they are. These children are happier, have a stronger sense of self awareness, are confident and more balanced than normal.
Nikki Koppel

My Autism Playbook

Autism is not something that you need to be healed from, but it is helpful to have a playbook that reflects certain principles and strategies that may be ultimately positive and healing to human beings in general and that has nothing to do with the diagnosis.
Joseph Schamas

Importance Of Eating Organic

Eating and growing your own food is one of the most rewarding and healthy actions we can take to improve, enrich and extend our lives. Learn how from our experts who started growing sprouts in their kitchen and expanded to create a successful and prosperous organic farm.
Johnny Viera

Biomechanical Training For Health & Longevity

Functional Patterns is a cutting edge holistic approach transforming the fitness industry. This practice solidifies the foundation of the body allowing you to excel in athletic endeavors and health related goals.
Noah Crane

Keys To Healthy Relationships

Our author and relationship expert shares the fundamental principles of successful marriages. Learn the fundamentals for success with all of our interactions with others. It’s all based on simple laws of nature and common sense.
Dr. Frank Sabatino

The Power Of Fasting & Alkalizing

Discover how fasting can benefit you in the long run. Fasting leads to weight loss, decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar improvement. Learn the simple approaches to get the result you need. Live a long, healthy and vital life to your last day.
Xavier Hawk

Creating Our Virtual Wellness Community

Our speaker will show us how to create a local health and wellness network where we have our own currency, health insurance, and get paid to be healthier. Within one year we could have our own tricorder to diagnose and treat imbalances to prevent disease.
Dr. Lisbeth Roy

How To Increase Your Libido & Rediscover Great Sex

Unearth evidence shared by our experts that reveals how emotional issues within relationships can contribute to lower libido and sexual issues such as ED (Erectile Dysfunction). Find out what you can do to flip the switch on your sexual life and start enjoying bedroom activities again!
Jeffrey Smith

Dangers Of GMO & Unregulated Gene Editing

Our internationally known expert explains the dangers of GMO's and Round Up Ready. He also describes the even more dangerous new threat caused by unregulated gene editing. Our entire biosphere is at risk and we must act now.
Ian Barstow

Physical Therapy For A Vital Life

Physical therapy starts with an accurate assessment. Once our expert therapist has that information a complete plan is created to put us on a path to a fully functioning physiology. This allows us to enjoy a vital and healthy life to a very old age.
Robert Johns

Spirulina: The Supreme Superfood

Spirulina is a living food source rich with chlorophyll and more healthy ingredients than you can imagine. It is a blue algae. It has 20 of the 28 amino acids, it has anti-oxidants, and most of the B Vitamins including B-12. Learn the power of adding Spirulina and transform your body and your health.
Kathleen Dudley

The Demasculinization Of Our Men

Our expert, former college professor and holistic health practitioner explains how diet and environmental factors have played a role in increasing estrogen production in males. This trend is creating a threat to the future of human reproduction.
Anne Ziegenhorn

Health Risks Of Breast Implants

Author of the book "Perfect" provides a real life story about breast plants. This is information everyone considering breast implants should hear. Women who already have implants will benefit as well.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny

Covid, Vaccines & Masks

Listen to this triple board certified MD with certification as a vaccine specialist explain the risks of Covid vs. the risks of lockdowns. Also learn the truth about masks. 

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